Priority Service Savings Agreement (PSSA)

Would you like to save money on any future repairs to your heating & air system? Consider our maintenance program.

With the Priority Service Savings Agreement the benefits are:

  • 15% discount on all service repairs (on service parts)
  • Never pay an overtime fee (no matter what time of day or night it is)
  • You will be given a priority customer status (immediately moved ahead of non-participating customers)
  • Lower operating costs (from having a well maintained system)
  • Increased capacity of existing system (restores equipment to as close to factory fresh specifications as possible)
  • Longer equipment life (well maintained equipment lasts longer)
  • Reduced equipment runtime (when your system isn’t running, it’s saving you money)
  • Transferable to another location (or another owner)
  • Fewer repairs (equipment that is regularly maintained normally has less costly repairs)
  • Safer system (equipment that is clean and well maintained tends to be safer to operate)

Below is the procedural checklist that our
service technicians perform:

1) No repairs or improvements will be undertaken without the customer’s authority
2) Adjust operating pressures                       
3) Adjust thermostat calibration                     
4) Clean and adjust blower components
5) Clean and adjust burner assembly
6) Clean and treat condensate drains              
7) Clean heat exchanger                                  
8) Clean indoor cooling coil, if accessible       

9)   Clean or replace 1” filters
10) Clean outdoor condenser coil
11) Lubricate all moving parts
12) Measure for correct air flow
13) Measure temperature difference
14) Measure all volts and amps
15) Test starting capabilities
16) Test all safety controls
17) Tighten all electrical connections

Investment for 2 Preventative Maintenance Visits per year

Add - ** plus NC & country Sales Taxes to prices below
1 year – 1 system:  Electric or Gas unit:  $208.00
1 year – 2 systems Electric or gas units:  $368.00 (avg. of $92.00/per system/per visit)
1 year – 3 systems Electric or gas units:  $528.00 (avg. of $88.00) **

Note:  1 system w/ Gas logs:  add $30.00 for total of $238.00

**to get price break for additional units they must exist at the same address as the 1st system.

Add $20.00 year for Oil systems
Add $20.00 year for Air Cleaners
Add $40.00 year for Steam Humidifiers 

Note:  Will change 1 inch filters only, as included in pssa contract.  There will be an additional charge for any special media type filters.